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Brawl Busters is an action online game heavily based on hand-to-hand combat
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Brawl Busters is an action online game heavily based on hand-to-hand combat. It has a cartoon-like design and a lot of many funny animations. It has both single and multiplayer, however, the single player is mostly for training with the game designed around its multiplayer. There are many custom modes you can play like Team Deathmatch, Zombie Survival, Free For All, just to name a few.

When entering the game for the first time, you'll have to create a character. Players get to choose from a wide variety of body shapes but only 5 different classes. Each class is quite different from others and later on, after reaching higher levels with your characters you can actually switch between classes. After you complete the character creation process, the tutorial will automatically begin. It is very short and it explains the basics of the game. Also you can complete the single-player missions that cover a lot of other features the game has. The missions will give points which can be used to buy new items at the shop.

The game mechanics are very simple. You move with the keyboard, aim and attack with the mouse. Since it is based on hand-to-hand combat, there are a lot of fighting moves and many weapons at the store. Another nice thing about the game is that there are a lot of destructible objects in the game world. Many of them, if used correctly, can help you defeat enemies easier. For example, there are barrels that explode when hit or electric fences towards which you can push enemies.

At the lower levels, some of the game modes won't be available. To unlock them, you need to gain levels, and the only way to do that is to keep playing multiplayer matches. Even if you lose, you still get some points and experience, that is nice.

Brawl Busters is probably one of the funniest games out there. You don't need to invest that much time and effort to have fun, and the fact that it is free to play is all the more reason for downloading it and giving it a try.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to play
  • Very nice graphics
  • Funny animations and sound effects
  • A lot of game modes


  • Has a relatively small number of classes
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